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The Amateur Work Call, released late May 2019 on the Internet, was a call for any work that could take place in 7 days (later increased to eleven days) in various Rooberoo Mansion environments including platform, courtyard, backyard and etc.

In part of the invitation reads: “Amateur insists that there is nothing self-evident in today’s self-evident world. But today’s neo-liberal world insists on making its paths self-evident: There Is No Alternative.

But why don’t we think in the moment to recreate the Situations? The situations whose driving force is their destruction.

Amateur is a pre-Medium definition. Something that is rooted in our biological behavior before the formation of the media. Amateur work in his life, his concern, not in his medium of work. The status of the amateur is fluent, continuous, and works to disrupt the artist-audience-causal relationship. Amateurs try to reach audience-audience status.

In amateur work, not every place is for one person and there may be someone building something in the place where you’re creating another situation. So be aware of not owning any place for these few days.
You’re working in collaborative environment.
The issue is the process of producing the states, not the states themselves. So things can change for everyone. We can share the processes of creating situations with everyone, whether through dialogue or text, but we do not own it.

Since there is no status owner, in the days of amateur work, there will be no name of the status maker in the environment. Everyone can take responsibilities for different situations.
No ideas will be reviewed, rejected or endorsed. But everyone can (and we think should) criticize or extend the situation.”

This invitation asked people to come to these sites in the next few days without any prior notice, to participate in and build their own situations. Of course, people could submit questions or check their needed equipment with the Rooberoo mansion’s personnel’s through an email address.

From July 22th to June 02th, 2019, In Rooberoo Mansion the days of Amateur work was occurred. In the first four days, the participation was very limited, but by day five, more participation had taken place, and various situations had evolved. This partnership was very limited in relation to the initial expectation and with almost no restrictions on work.

 The overall conclusion report after the days of amateur work said:
“We found that bidding alone was not enough and with the theoretical proposal, a practical proposal is needed which is the action itself. We should give biddings with working and making an atmosphere. Though small and incomplete, must have in its essence act as schizophrenic while being truthful and transparent; humans, the very people we passively label (passively depicting ourselves) The process of working, collaborating, and constructing their own space may be:
If the space is created,

1.People will participate, observe, ask questions.

2.Enter partnerships in positions. Talk and work.

3.And then, perhaps, their own work creates their own position and creates new space there.”


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