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( ) there is something left

( ) there is something left It happened in March 2020 in Rooberoo Mansion

Amateur Work Days

The Amateur Work Call, released late May 2019 on the Internet, was a call for any work that could take place in 7 days (later increased to eleven days) in various Rooberoo Mansion environments including platform, courtyard, backyard and etc. In part of the invitation reads: “Amateur insists that there is nothing self-evident in today’s […]


Amir was a 5-day event occurring in the basement of the Rooberoo Mansion from December 24th to December 27th, 2018. The chamber was a 9 meters square and its entrance was closed with glass and only half a meter below was open. In the center of the room was a pylon strip bar, and also […]

Live Coverage

Live Coverage was performed by Amateur Community from November 23th 2018 to March 29th 2019 in the basement and some part of the courtyard of the Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran, Iran. There was a glass box in the basement with porterhouse in it, that was connected to the second glass box located in the yard […]

Instrument of Unification

“Instrument of Unification” was performed by Amateur Community from June 27th to August 5th, 2018 in galleries number 1 and 2 of Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran, Iran. Gallery no.1 was painted all in yellow and there were texts all around written with stencil and spray. They contained descriptions of space features, leaflet of Amateur Community […]