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As a instrument of unification

Instrument of Unification

“Instrument of Unification” was performed by Amateur Community from June 27th to August 5th, 2018 in galleries number 1 and 2 of Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran, Iran.

Gallery no.1 was painted all in yellow and there were texts all around written with stencil and spray. They contained descriptions of space features, leaflet of Amateur Community theory, control, montage and hacking. In the center of the space there was the server computer which had the Tehran archive on it. This archive contains films of Tehran recorded by Amateur Community from 2016. There were 4 other computers connected to the server by cables. People could sit at them, watch the films, add their files and make their own films with the help of a simple editing program (which had a tutorial on the system).

When the editing finished, the film was added to the main archive and was projected and looped with other films on the left wall. During the 10 days of the exhibit, almost 80 films were made, which have been uploaded on YouTube.

There was another projection on the right wall showing other users’ systems.

There was a symbolic back-up of the archive in gallery no.2 (Rooberoo Mansion, attic-like spot) also the live CCTV footage of the other spot available on a LCD.

We were in Tbilisi in January 2020 for 9 days, we filmed the city and made a video archive of Tbilisi.
Since the 24 of January 2020, Neverland Cinema in Rotterdam is showing Instrument of Unification with video archives from Tehran, Tbilisi and Rotterdam. Due to our schedule we couldn’t attend the exhibition but we had to supervise it from distance.

Exhibition Report:


* You can see the atmosphere of exhibition via this link:

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